The Woman in Black (WIB)

The title doesn't speak about a woman coming in Black Dress to save the Earth from Aliens or from any green man like MEN IN BLACK.

This movie has no relation at all with the Hollywood MIB.

WIB could be just another Tamil movie if the costume of the woman was WHITE.

May be in Hollywood if a ghost is shown with white dress outdoors it wouldn't be easy to distinguish it from the snowy background and that could be a reason they went for Black.

Apart from the costume, the movie has a lot of interesting stuff. It has been a long time since I had had goosebumps. WIB gave me goosebumps. It makes you feel the shiver starting at the back of your neck and travels through the spine towards your heel.

A single line story with not many pages of dialogues not long playing musical melodies or so.

Daniel Radcliffe still doesn't look like a father for a 4 year old, could have chosen a brother role or some 'AMERICAM GROOM'. May be he just would have wanted to be 'Direct'a HERO' or whatever.

A tug of war between rationality and superstitions, where finally the majority wins!

Arthur thinks that, after finding the cause of all the impossible to understand deaths, reuniting the baby with the Dead mother would give her peace and she would spare the lives of other children.

But that did no good at all.

Arthur was sent to analyse the papers in the 'Eel Marsh House' to find the final will of Mrs. Alice Drablow (WIB).

He reads all the greetings she has written for her son and the letter to her husband, where she would have mentioned 'I will never forgive'.

When Arthur finds the body of the boy and reunites it with the dead mother he says 'Its all over' we would already know it's not over yet. Then again repeating the words of Mrs. Drablow 'Will never forgive' in his thoughts was redundant information to be provided.

Not many twists or anything for someone who would have watched Sherlock Holmes or any of Christopher Nolan's movies.

Not much strain for your brain.

WIB - Doesn't need to be dubbed in Tamil, but could just be muted and played for the Tamil audience. Would suit better.

Movies being made focusing on the 'still 1980's people is a wonder.

WIB is full of Wonders IMHO.

Enjoyable though for the Goosebumps

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