Gone Girl (book)


You walk with; stand with; stand behind; fly with; stand away from; run around with an author as he tells you a mind blowing story.

For Gone girl, you just lay back, relax, be ready to, laugh, fold your hands tight and stay still, to jump high, to feel sorry, to feel happy, to blame one, to blame yourself for blaming one.

The story starts midway and you see it approaching from both ends (near ends). It's like sitting in a train coach that is lighted on either ends. You just wait on and watch either side as it approaches towards each other. You are at the middle of it, experiencing the heat from either end and warm yourself up.

The unusual way of story telling, letting the characters narrate their versions of the story gives you a feeling of a jury hearing out a couple.

We easily believe everything a character in the story says and Gone girl teaches you not to be such a fool and keep an eye open. No matter how far into the future of a story you see you could not see what the author has not printed yet.

Unlike movies, in a book the back of the page that you're currently reading remains blank until you turn the page and continue to read on.

In Gone girl, you'd suspect that as you close the book and go to sleep only to find that when you wake up somehow someone has changed the following pages cleverly.

Such confidence in defining the character, such tactfulness in manipulating the reader to like, adore, hate, despise, love, curse not different characters but the same character, one feeling per chapter is handled smoothly.

Speaking out a man and woman's mind so loud and clear.

You'd never regret choosing to read 'Gone Girl' I bet. But then on the other hand I've lost few bets too.

Personal favourite and deserves a recommendation.

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